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Our in-person and virtual services for facilitation, event design, and training are designed to stimulate creative ideation, enhance communication, and cultivate empowered teams. We believe facilitating with Liberating Structures and Visual Thinking methods invigorate groups to meaningfully address challenges and co-create innovative ways forward. Teaching how to do what we do expands the benefit of our work beyond our reach; it transforms how people work together for greater positive impact.

Courtney Griesel

"It has been an energizing and enlightening experience working with Allison. Her train-the-trainer style of consulting has empowered our staff to not only implement our strategy, but continue to adjust and build upon it into the future."

Eric Miller

“Allison’s intellect, intuition and broad base of experiences, as well as your well-honed ability to pose the tough question, in a non-threatening/off-putting manner was wonderful to behold."

Marie Synar

“Allison has an uncanny ability to shake things up and challenge the status quo. It has been refreshing and she changed the mindset of some with certain opinions held for who knows how long. It was a fun process, and informative as well. Allison has a way to make things interactive.”

Purposefully Curated

Everyone is invited to participate.

Unique Value Proposition

  1. Our facilitation approach invites all to actively participate.

  2. We utilize Liberating Structures AND Visual Thinking.

  3. Our facilitation services are more than showing up and leading; we engage the client in design and transparently share the preparation process.

  4. We teach what we do, providing in-house team training for Liberating Structures and Visual Thinking.

  5. We provide quality tools and resources with training programs.

  6. We offer training graduates a mentorship package and host a graduate community designed for co-designing and peer sharing.

Core Values


Involve everyone so they can co-create and own the way forward.


Encouraging and celebrating diversity expands perceptions and boosts thinking.

Purposeful Playfulness

Possibilities and energy soar when our minds and bodies are in a playful state.


Trying anything moves us forward, even if the attempt fails, for it is in failing forward that we learn and progress.

Quality Experiences

When someone has a quality experience with listening, respect, and kindness they are more likely to speak up and contribute because they understand what they have to offer matters.

Lance LaCour

“I have been through at least ten strategic plans in my career and this was by far the best and most innovative I have ever been involved with. Allison goes above and beyond the call of duty."

Susan Davenport

"We had a complex agenda to coordinate and execute, so we brought in Allison who put together a very strategic and innovative agenda and multiple sessions which allowed us to meet our goals in a timely and organized fashion. Her retreat pre-work, energetic engagement model, and ability to keep the sessions, topics and deliverables moving forward a positive direction took us to a highly successful outcome."

Avery Pickard

"Allison's work brought synergy to our training curriculum and elevated the learning that takes place.  It has added deep value to our program and to those that participate in it."
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