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Allison Larsen facilitating


Our facilitation practice utilizes the combination of two methodologies:

Liberating Structures

Liberating Structures start with something so simple and essential as not to seem worth doing and end with something so powerful and profound that it hardly seems possible. By introducing tiny shifts in the structure of our interactions, Liberating Structures make it possible to tap a wider set of voices, intelligence, creativity and imagination in groups of every kind. This facilitation methodology frequently unleashes greater liveliness, difference, and vitality as each person learns to embrace more freedom and responsibility for themselves and the collective.

Visual Thinking

Although you may think Visual Thinking is only about drawing, in reality it's about cultivating thinking in visual terms. Visuals support seeing relationships and big patterns. It illuminates themes and gaps, helpful as a tool for systems thinking and making sense out of complex data. Visualization works both linearly and non-linearly ~ activating both left and right sides of the brain. Visuals enhance appreciation of context and complexity while graphic metaphors explicitly build shared meaning.


Our services are more than showing up and facilitating; we engage you in design and transparently share the preparation process. This value-added approach leads to better activities, prompts, and meeting outcomes.

Plus we Facilitate Strategy

We facilitate for any need, and have extensive expertise in helping organizations, companies, and communities in creating and implementing relevant and constantly evolving strategy that navigates the complexity of your environment. Our approach to strategy is dynamic, iterative, and an adaptive way of planning with groups of any size. It supports the creation of relevant strategy amidst uncertainty and changing conditions.

Our organization was extremely impressed with Allison leading us through our strategic planning process.  We feel the style Allison brought to the meetings was invaluable and helped us discover what our community leaders expect from us to help shape the future of our work.  Her process was effective and brought new ways of thinking to our group discussions, which deepened the richness of the content. 

Gil Staley, Holly Gruy

Event Design

Want to change up your event or meeting? We can help behind the scenes too, while you are out front leading. We offer services for event and meeting design to freshen thinking to your approach.

We begin by understanding your event purpose and goals. From there, we devise a Design Storyboard and review options for reimagining traditional approaches. Then we work with you on the facility, meeting space, materials and set up.

What's really cool is that we teach you new tools and coach along the way, yielding refreshing, productive and high-value experiences for groups of any size. People who attend your event/meeting are more than attendees, they will be invited to be active participants and engaged in meaningful ways.

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We teach what we do, providing in-house team training for Liberating Structures and Visual Thinking. Teaching how to do what we do expands the benefit of our work beyond our reach. Our goal is transforming how people work together for greater positive impact.

Our training is immersive learning to experience and reflect on the process so that your mind and body will fully capture the power of these methodologies. You will immediately be able to apply learning after the workshop, and your mind will be bubbling with ideation for all the situations you want to use these new skills.


Gather your team and let’s get going. Select the training you desire: Liberating Structures, Visual Thinking, or both. High quality resources and materials are provided to enhance learning.


The foundation of skillful facilitation is design of exercises with inviting prompts that help a group dig deep and advance to action. This same design approach applies to 1-on-1 coaching, customized so that you can make your way beyond blocks to discover your confident path forward.


Expect creative play and noodling through intriguing exercises as part of my coaching process. You have the answers you need; my coaching helps you access your answers.

I felt comfortable and encouraged and always left with a clear sense of what I needed to work on or think about prior to our next session. The greatest outcome was the clarity I was able to achieve.  I went into the sessions in a place of frustration and confusion and left with a clear view and pathway forward.  I now have a much better (and clearer) understanding of myself, my purpose and the impact I can make. This is an investment in yourself and well worth your time. 

Sarah Means

Schedule a Discovery Session

Let's meet via Zoom and discover how Inclusive Facilitation can address your needs. I'll ask questions and pull out my white board to capture notes and ideas.

Allison Larsen Discovery Session
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