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Inclusive Facilitation

empowering leaders and teams for greater impact

Allison Larsen Facilitation Maestra
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is to inspire, facilitate, and teach

leaders and teams

how to have more inclusive and invigorating meetings

which increase their positive impact.

Engagement with Purpose

EDRP leaders

Are you a leader who...

... wants to include everyone to value the full potential of what each team member has to offer?

... seeks new ways to think through challenges and stimulate solutions?

... wants to solicit meaningful participation and enhance teamwork?

... covets active and memorable engagement at your events?

... wants your team to lead better meetings.

If that's you, let's explore ways for your team to work better together.
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Jeanine Jerkovic

“Allison delivered a highly unique, fast-paced, multimedia, customized experience that engaged, inspired and energized each and every retreat attendee over two days. Allison is a master at the art of facilitation and extremely insightful and talented, but most importantly, she is also an extraordinarily kind-hearted person who fills the room with positive energy and makes everyone feel comfortable participating."

Darrell Auterson

"I was captivated by Allison's ability to lead such a diverse group of individuals with such varying perspectives to consensus.  She also has a real knack for taming egos in a respectful manner to get to the end goal."

Chelsea Levo-Feary

"At the beginning of the project, my expectations were that I just wanted change. Let me say, that’s happening and so much more evolved from the process. We have been able to engage people that were un-engageable. I am very pleased with Allison’s way to bring all different entities together to sing from the same sheet of music."
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